A well-oiled machine…

Benbri Air & Fluid Systems specialises in sales, repairs, maintenance and auditing of a wide range of lubrication equipment and systems. These include :

  • Grease pumps
  • Oil pumps
  • Oil hose reels
  • Rollers
  • Motors
  • Conveyer belts
  • Grease blocks
  • Grease points

We pride ourselves in offering services to our clients second to none and place a high level of enthusiasm to ensure our customers’ expectations are met within budget and fastest timeframe possible.

At Benbri, our team of lubrication engineers can service, install, audit and replace any piece of lubrication equipment that your machinery needs, ensuring the long-lasting quality and efficiency of your equipment, as well as the safety of your employees.

Services Tailored to your needs

Our team can organise a time that best suits you and your staff to provide servicing and where possible, give you the choice of:

  • On-site servicing
  • The pickup of the equipment for servicing at our warehouse
  • Dropping the equipment to us at our warehouse

We also provide Workshop, Fuel/Oil, Farm and Draglines auditing services.

The backup service you deserve

Anything that we sell, we service, making Benbri a one-stop-shop for our clients. We have developed a large supplier network and became warranty and repair agents for large number of brands, ensuring our clients receive the backup service they need.

We also offer to all our clients a 24 Hour/ 7 Days a week support and availability and quick response on all enquiries and repairs.

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